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Autel Evo Filters

Take Your Drone Content Up a Notch With PolarPro Filters for Autel EVO

PolarPro’s Cinema Series camera filter line for Autel Robotics’ new EVO consumer camera drone includes ND (neutral density) and ND/PL (neutral density + polarizing) filters available in Vivid, Shutter and Limited Collections that cover an extensive range of natural bright and low light conditions, to give more control over the creative application of the EVO in a variety of different scenes.  

The Shutter Collection features three commonly used neutral density filters (ND4, ND8 + ND16) to help reduce shutter speed to create correctly exposed, smooth cinematic content. The use of ND filters allows users to shoot in broad daylight at slower shutter speeds with the fixed wide 2.8 aperture on the EVO camera.

Easy to install, PolarPro ND and ND/PL filters thread onto the Autel EVO camera lens bezel in place of the stock UV lens. For pilots who demand the best, Cinema Series filters feature multi-coated production grade glass that provides maximum optical clarity. Each filter frame is precision engineered using AirFrame technology for gimbal-safe use, and do not require a gimbal counterweight.

PolarPro’s Cinema Series Vivid Collection for Autel EVO features ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL neutral density + polarizing (ND/PL) filters to help reduce shutter speed and glare in bright and reflective conditions to create smooth cinematic content. ND/PL filters feature an independent adjustment bezel allowing polarization to be increased or decreased, perfect for reducing glare from water or other non-metallic surfaces.

Lastly, the Cinema Series Limited Collection for Autel EVO features ND32, ND32/PL, ND64, and ND64/PL large-stop neutral density (ND) + polarizing (ND/PL) filters designed to reduce shutter speed and glare in very bright light conditions to create smooth cinematic content with a creative flare. The 5-stop ND32 filter helps create super smooth video in bright, unfiltered daylight, while the ND/PL will help reduce glare and increase transparency on wet or non-metallic surfaces like glass windows or snow capped peaks. Reserved for filming in 24p, the ND64 reduces shutter speed by 6 stops for proper exposure in extremely bright light conditions.

PolarPro offers a complete line of filters for the new Autel EVO, ranging from 2 stop ND4 through 6 stop ND64, for full creative control over the Autel EVO camera shutter speed. Open up the full spectrum of daylight and create new possibilities with Cinema Series filters for Autel EVO, from PolarPro.

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