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Best GoPro Hero7 Accessories

PolarPro is pleased to announce the Hero7 Collection of filters and technical camera solutions that make filming with the new GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver or White a breeze. For the last 7 years, PolarPro has designed camera products that inspire people to get out, explore the world and capture perfection.

Hero7 Cinema Series Shutter Collection 3-Pack
PolarPro’s Cinema Series neutral density (ND) filters act like sunglasses for your Hero7 Black. Reducing shutter speed to achieve a more cinematic result with the fixed aperture of the Hero7 that is designed to capture fast action, neutral density filters will help you to achieve the correct exposure.
PolarPro’s ND filters will help make your content look more cinematic and less like a shaky handheld action camera. Cinema Series filters are made out of PolarPro’s production level glass with anti-reflective (AR) multi-coatings to help reduce lens flaring for a lower refractive index and a higher light transmission than any other GoPro filters on the market.
Featuring PolarPro’s AirFrame aluminum frame construction, Cinema Series filters are precision-engineered for filming with the Karma gimbal, smoothing out your Hero7 video for vibrant cinematic content. Cinema Series filters replace the stock Hero7 filter and feature water and dust resistant gaskets to protect the Hero7 lens cavity. Replacing the stock filter means that these filters add minimal weight when using the Karma platform and ensure that you are getting the best image quality possible by shooting through a single lens element. Includes a compact carrying case to keep your filters protected, organized and ready to use.

Hero7 Aqua Filter 3-Pack
From the casual snorkeler and free diver to the advanced scuba diver, the Aqua Filter 3-Pack for Hero7 Black includes three of PolarPro’s popular press-fit filters, each with a specific proprietary color correction formula to accurately capture vibrant underwater colors. Without color correction filters, your Hero7 footage will look discolored or washed out, often with an unnatural cyan or green color cast, as the light spectrum dissipates the deeper you dive.
Included in the Aqua Filter 3-Pack is a red filter for tropical and blue water at depths between 15-75 feet, a magenta filter for green and fresh water 15-75 feet deep, and a snorkel filter for shallow water color correction in depths 2-25 feet. When near the surface, it is best to shoot using the Snorkel filter with the sun at your back.
The Aqua Filter 3-Pack is compatible with the Hero7/6/5 Super Suit only.
A great value that’ll bring back the vibrancy of your underwater footage, don’t leave on your next aquatic jaunt without the Hero7 Aqua 3-Pack. Includes a compact carrying case to keep your filters protected, organized and ready to use.

Hero7 StrapMount
The StrapMount is a useful accessory for the GoPro Hero7 as it allows you to mount your camera directly to a backpack strap for hands-free filming. The StrapMount allows you to capture epic POV shots without having to wear an uncomfortable chest harness or head strap.
The StrapMount can be mounted in many other places in addition to the backpack strap; you can clamp it onto anything that is less than 1.25 inches thick. We have used the StrapMount to get POV shots from our life jackets, fishing waders, wakeboard lines, Scuba BCD’s—the possibilities are endless. The StrapMount is a solid Hero7 Accessory everyone can use to capture epic content, whether on the trail or on the river, falling from the sky or dipping into the ocean.

Press Release

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