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Best Matte Box For DSLR copy

BaseCamp - Join the Ascent

With the market flooded with options of various matte box systems, it gets difficult to determine which one would best suit your needs as a DSLR cinematographer. From matte boxes that are expensive and heavy to others that are cheap and flimsy, it is a constant search for common middle ground-- a matte box that checks all your boxes, not just one or two. You begin to ask yourself, what is the best matte box for DSLR cameras? 

BaseCamp, the industry’s lightest matte box system, is ideal for a DSLR cinematographer like yourself. With features that make it stand out against its competitors, BaseCamp makes filming in nearly any setting utterly effortless. Some of BaseCamps noteworthy characteristics include its multiple VND configurations, lightweight construction, aluminum filter frames, in addition to it being a completely tool-free operation. With this said, BaseCamp is the best matte box for DSLR cameras because its thoughtful construction, provides a seamless set up for the run and gun cinematographer.

What Sets It Apart?


One of BaseCamp’s most notable features is how lightweight it is. When you are out filming for a project on location, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by your equipment, and when using BaseCamp that worry is eliminated. Weighing in at only 298 grams, BaseCamp’s claim of being the industry’s lightest matte box is proven to be no joke. Due to its lightness, BaseCamp does not require rails and allows you to easily swap your DSLR/ matte box setup from one camera rig to the next. Another reason BaseCamp is the best matte box for DSLR is that it enables you to change lenses with ease without having to remove the whole matte box system from your camera. With the help of the Light Fly adapter, swapping your lens on the go is anything but a headache. BaseCamp’s Light Fly is made of highly flexible elastomer which adapts to a 67mm to a 99mm outer diameter, and also offers your lens the proper support it needs. 

Aluminum Frames

One of the most frustrating things about matte box filter systems are the filters themselves, right? How many times have you tried to apply your ND filter to your matte box, but had to gingerly touch each one in order to be sure not to get any unwanted fingerprints on the glass? However, with BaseCamp the worry of compromising your filters is no more due to the aluminum frames that encase each filter. These frames are used not only for protection but also to optimize your run and gun workflow when out in the field as it allows them to be easily hot-swapped. As the best matte box for DSLR cameras, BaseCamp sets itself apart with this simple yet noteworthy feature.


For run and gun cinematographers, like yourself, buying into a matte box system that is optimized for your fast-paced workflow is ideal. Since BaseCamp is a completely tool-less operation, it is without a doubt that this makes it the best matte box for DSLR cinematographers. Whether you are shooting a wedding or filming your new short film the less equipment you have to worry about taking with you, the better. With BaseCamp, no extra tools are required to assemble or remove it from your camera and with its thoughtful construction, you won’t have to worry about deciphering a complicated user guide. 


The best matte box for DSLR cameras is the one that caters to the creator, and BaseCamp does just that with its VND configuration. Made with QuartzLine glass, the VND options for BaseCamp include both 2-5 and 6-9 stop options, making it easy for you to adapt to nearly any outdoor setting. With the ability to unlock full light control between these two VND filter options, this proves to be another reason BaseCamp is the best option for you.

Putting it to the Test

When put through its paces on a real alpine shoot by Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees, BaseCamp proved to live up to its claim of being the best matte box for DSLR cameras. As run and gun adventurers and cinematographers, Renan and Taylor can attest to the fact that bringing equipment with you that is only completely necessary and easy to use, is the gear that gets to come along for the ride. After rock climbing with the BaseCamp matte box system, Renan and Taylor claim: “It lived up to its BaseCamp name-- fully professional features, yet lightweight and ultimately resilient.”

In short, the BaseCamp matte box system is custom engineered with the run and gun cinematographer in mind, making it the best matte box for DSLR cameras. Don’t believe me? Take it from some of the other top creatives in the industry...

Jakob Owens: "What I like about this matte box that I don't get with my Wooden Camera matte box, is how small and light it is."

Gerald Undone: "The build quality of this unit is fantastic. It's great-looking, smartly designed, and exceptionally well machined.”

Carly San Filippo
Copywriter at PolarPro

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