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iPhone 12 Filters: Which Is Right for You?

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max include some impressive new camera capabilities. However, as great as the cameras of these phones are, there are ways to take your filming or photography to the next level. Add on filters are must-have accessories for photographers and videographers shooting with an iPhone Pro or Pro Max. PolarPro has you covered!

Our add on filters enhance pictures and video quality to a professional level, with shockingly high clarification showcasing even the smallest of details. The filters also help to change the mood and produce a unique effect that the phone’s camera could not achieve on its own. But which are the best filters for iPhone 12?

To help capture even clearer and high-quality pictures and videos on an iPhone, here is a list of the iPhone 12 camera filters that we currently have on offer:

iPhone camera filters

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PolarPro’s LiteChaser Pro is a mobile filter system for Apple’s latest iPhone devices including iPhone 12 Pro and Pro max. It features a range of high-quality products such as a case, four filters, an accessory mount, a tripod mount, and Bluetooth shutter control.

Our filters attach perfectly through a four-lug bayonet fitting and cover the entire camera array. Each filter features a protective cap, and a little carrier case for added protection when not in use. The case allows for use of MagSafe magnet array that doubles up as a charging system and mounting gear on any MagSafe accessory.

The Bluetooth shutter control is attached to the LiteChaser Grip. It serves as a wireless shutter for your iPhone to provide flexibility and versatility when taking high-quality shots and ensures you maintain a solid hold on your phone while at it.

Whether vlogging travel adventures, recording for Instagram, or even producing short films, this highly customizable system allows the user to take control of their content and reach the next level. More importantly, this filter system comes with an Adventure Assurance™ warranty.

The case is compatible with Moment M-Series™ lenses that allow users to mount the lenses in place of filters. That said, the filters are compact, easy to turn, and highquality to ensure users capture the best moment during their adventures. Currently, there is no other product that matches the quality of the LiteChaser Pro and its filters for smartphone content creators.

Here are the main filters created for the LiteChaser Pro system:

iPhone camera filters

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iPhone camera filters

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CP Circular Polarizer

Circular Polarizer (CP) helps capture deeper colors and reduces glare off a reflective surface as well as hazing in photos and films. This means that it cuts down on certain types of light to make your image even better. In real-case applications, this can help get rid of reflections on surfaces such as glass, water, buildings, paint, sky, leaves, and so on, and also improve the overall contrast in a landscape.

Color saturation in general, especially outdoors, can be improved significantly with the help of polarizer filters. It’s rotatable in a way that the user can adjust the polarizer angle and have full control of the effect that the filter has on the photo or footage.

VND 3-5 Stop

The aluminum-framed variable neutral density (VND) filter is designed to be compatible with a telephoto and wide lens, and provides exposure of 3 to 5 stops. This allows the user to adjust the frame rate and shutter time for almost all lighting conditions. Thanks to laser-etched stop indicators, the user will be aware of how much light they are reducing within the preset 3 to 5 range.

The neutral density creates a darkening of the whole image, allowing the user to take pictures with a longer shutter speed or wider aperture than normal. The degree of density can be adjusted or controlled by rotating the front filter ring, to prove the extra exposure length the user needs.

Additionally, the aluminum-framed construction makes it very durable. To prevent internal reflections and ghosting, the multi-coated layers offer scratch protection to the filter while providing excellent clarity and color fidelity. The filter is designed specifically for mobile filmmakers to allow them to lower shutter speeds significantly to cinematic levels during their shoot.

iPhone camera filters

Full Width Side by Side #1.

iPhone camera filters

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Mist Diffusion

The Mist Diffusion filter system softens images and produces a hazy, dreamlike, or even romantic look that provides an extra layer of value to the image or footage. This filter also provides the user with a refined appearance without compromising the contrast and sharpness of the image or footage.

Mist 3-5 Diffusion VND

The first of its kind and probably the only diffusion + VND in the industry, Mist 3-5 Diffusion VND offers more creative possibilities with the ability to combine both filters in one and complete light control while adding a soft, smoother, and romantic look to images. This filter is an ideal accessory for getting creative shots for short films, music videos, documentaries, and even commercial work.

The diffusion effect for the Mist filters is designed to deal with halation and provides a gentler diffusion. The major highlight of this product is that it creates an outcome that is quite hard to reproduce while providing you with full control of the light allowing you to produce more clear and creative footages all along.

iPhone camera filters

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Wrapping Up

The arrival of professional quality filters is a big upgrade for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max users since they provide more control for enthusiastic photographers and videographers. Whether you prefer a more natural look or something edgier and quirkier, we have the right filter to match that.

If you need help deciding which iPhone 12 filter would be the best fit for your needs, be sure to reach out to the PolarPro team. We’ll match you with the best iPhone 12 camera filters that let you take incredibly impressive shots.