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Matte Box Filters

matte box filters

BaseCamp - The Industry's Lightest Matte Box

The industry’s lightest matte box, BaseCamp, is engineered for the run-and-gun cinematographer who strives to capture high-quality footage. In order for you to be able to film at a professional level, however, it is vital that your matte box has top-notch filters to help you do so. BaseCamp’s matte box filters provide both optimized durability and the pristine construction that any cinematographer, like yourself, strives for in a matte box.

Pristine Glass Construction

One of the most important components of a matte box is its filters and with BaseCamp’s custom-engineered filter construction, they were designed with your creative needs in mind. Built to optimize your workflow, BaseCamp’s filters are made of fused quartz glass, similar to the QuartzLine collection, and offers 16 layers of coating on each side. Where BaseCamp’s matte box filters differ from its competition, however, is that instead of being 4mm like most matte box filters, they are 2mm. Needless to say, these filters are extremely lightweight due to the fact that their depth was cut in half. Additionally, since the weight was cut down on each of BaseCamp’s matte box filters it left some breathing room for the aluminum frames that encase each filter to be built in without exceeding the normal weight of 4mm. Due to the custom-engineering of these matte box filters, they are only compatible with the BaseCamp filter system. This is an extremely notable feature to keep in mind because it is one of the key reasons that BaseCamp is the industry’s lightest matte box system. Furthermore, BaseCamp’s matte box filters are full-spectrum ND filters that cause zero IR pollution. In other words, these ND filters are hyper neutral through 1100nm which eliminates IR pollution from interfering with your footage.

Aluminum Frame for Optimized Workflow

One of the most frustrating parts about matte box filters is the fact that they can be a hassle to work with. How many times have you tried to apply your ND filter to your matte box, but had to gingerly touch each one in order to be sure not to get any unwanted fingerprints on the glass? With BaseCamp the worry of compromising your filters is no more, due to the aluminum frames that encase each filter. These frames are used not only for protection but also to optimize your run and gun workflow when out in the field, as it allows them to be easily hot-swapped. Additionally, on each filter frame, there is an easily legible filter type indicator that makes finding your intended filter and applying it, utterly seamless. BaseCamp’s matte box filters are built to withstand any rugged adventure for a creative, like yourself, who relies on their equipment to succeed in various settings.

matte box filters
matte box filters

BaseCamp's Matte Box Filter Types

ND filters- There are a variety of different filter strengths and types of neutral density filters that are compatible with BaseCamp. The different types of matte box filters BaseCamp has to offer include ND2, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, ND128, ND256. Since there is a large range of options for these matte box filters, you will be able to adapt to any outdoor environment whether it be midday sun or golden hour, without hesitation. 

CP- Circular Polarizer or a CP filter, can be used with BaseCamp at all times since it is a dual-stage filter system. Just like the ND matte box filters, they are made with fused-quartz glass with 16 layers of coatings but offer a slightly slimmer aluminum frame to prevent fingerprints and protect from impact. A circular polarizer allows you to capture vividness and contrast in an image. These polarizing characteristics do not only enhance the colors of your image but also reduce glares and reflections within your photo or video.

VND- BaseCamp also offers Variable ND filter options to ensure that your workflow as a run and gun cinematographer never becomes a hassle. Much like the Peter McKinnon Edition Variable ND filter, BaseCamp’s VND matte box filters are offered in 2-5 and 6-9 stop options. When you are using one of these VND filters in conjunction with your CP, in your matte box you will have full light control of your footage, without having to change a filter.

Coming Soon: Diffusion Filters

When you are filming a music video or short film that has human subjects in it, you may feel like you want your footage to have a softer look to it. For instance, you may be seeking a look that seems hazy, dreamlike, or even romantic. In order to capture this effect in-camera, rather than in post-production, a diffusion filter can be used. Diffusion filters are a type of matte box filter that creates haze by spreading out the light across the etched filter surface. However, it is vastly different from a blurred out or out of focus image; rather, a diffused image still retains its contrast and sharpness. Be sure to stay tuned for the release of BaseCamp’s matte box diffusion filters which will be available in three different types: ⅛, ¼, and ½.  

matte box filters
matte box filters 

Carly San Filippo
Copywriter at PolarPro

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