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ND Filters for the S20 Ultra

ND Filters for S20 Ultra

LiteChaser Pro for the Galaxy S20 Ultra

With the recent camera innovations in mobile phones, they have seriously stepped up their game to compete with some professional cameras on the market. Capturing high-quality footage and acting as a photographer or cinematographer has never been as easy as it is now. However, in order to create professional-looking footage, it takes a little bit more than just ‘pointing and shooting’. 

LiteChaser Pro is a complete mobile filter system for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is the ultimate setup for photographers, videographers, and content creators alike, as its streamlined design ensures that the camera you always have on you is protected and true to its form. Its compact design is robust enough for strong protection, yet allows you to stay true to your usual run-n-gun workflow. LiteChaser features a sleek protective case and a durable grip attachment for tripod use or a vlogging setup, but the main feature that sets it apart is the line of ND filters for the S20 Ultra

Filter Lineup

Unlike most mobile filters on the market, LiteChaser Pro is engineered as one proprietary system to seamlessly enhance mobile content creation. We wanted to take what we are typically known for, our prestigious line of filters, and adapt it to a mobile system. Precision light control is essential when creating high-end content, and as a result, we custom-engineered a line of ND filters for the S20 Ultra that are compatible with LiteChaser Pro. 

3-5 Stop VND

Here at PolarPro, we decided to make a mini version of one of our most successful filters, the Peter McKinnon Edition Variable ND, and optimize it for the S20 Ultra LiteChaser Pro system. This aluminum-framed variable neutral density filter is engineered specifically for mobile filmmakers so you can lower shutter speeds to cinematic levels. The laser-etched stop indicators guide you on how much light you are reducing within the preset 3-5 range, to ensure you achieve the proper exposure for your photos and videos. This ND filter for the S20 Ultra is the go-to filter for run-and-gun mobile content creators who want the freedom to easily adjust on the fly.


The circular polarizer, or CP filter, for the S20 Ultra, is the essential filter for capturing deeper colors, vividness, and contrast in an image. Yet, these polarizing characteristics do not only enhance the colors of your image but also reduce glares, reflections, and haze from your photos. A circular polarizer is known as a photographer's go-to filter and this is no different with LiteChaser Pro for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

You can shop the complete line of ND filters for the S20 Ultra on

ND Filters for the S20 Ultra Variable ND Filter
ND Filters for the S20 Ultra

Circular Polarizer

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