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Slate - Memory Card Case: Behind The Build

As a collective, the PolarPro Team determined that one of the weakest links in each of our gear bags was the memory card cases - or in some instances not even using a case. With our engineer, Chad, on the the project of a complete redesign of the memory card cases which evolved into the Slate. This case boasts a full cast aluminum so safely & securely store your valuable memory cards. And when we say memory cards, we have two variations of the Slate; one for SD cards while the other is for XQD cards.

Slate - Memory Card Case: Behind the Build

The SD card version holds up to 8-full sized SD cards and 16-micro SD cards. While the XQD version holds 4-full sized XQD cards, 4-full sized SD cards, and 4-micro SD cards. This multi layer approach allows the opportunity to store enough memory to safely get you through your longest photography/videography excursions. The Slate was also designed with as small of a footprint as possible in order to not take up valuable real estate in your bag, luggage, or slipped right into your pocket.

The PolarPro Slate Memory Card Hold Fits Easily Into Your Pocket

Holding the Slate closed is an aluminum latch that was designed to withstand five pounds of force before releasing. We found this the perfect balance between quick and easy access while ensuring the case would remain closed while stored or in transit.

On the inside, the Slate was designed specifically to allow for safe storage and ease of card removal. We took a lot of feedback on this from folks who had difficulty removing cards or even damaging cards while removing from other case options. The rubber interior with recessed tabs allow for easy removal with ultimate grip and protection of every card stored.

Our goal was to craft a rugged memory card case that would stand up to our harshest adventures and yours. As a group of photographers and explorers, the thought of losing our valuable content from damage to the memory cards was one we couldn't live with. The Slate is that peace of mind.

Brendan Halligan 

Marketing Associate, PolarPro

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