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Summit- The Landscape Filter Holder System

filter holder

Summit- Join the Ascent

With so many filter options out there on the market for landscape photography, it is difficult to determine which one would best suit your photography needs and workflow. Everyone loves using something that feels custom and personalized to their needs as a creator, and there is no reason you should have to compromise this feeling when creating your own art. Summit, a landscape filter holder system, that has redefined what the industry has traditionally known, optimizes your workflow as a professional landscape photographer. 

Summit's Key Features

Fingerprint-Free Filter Installation 

When you are out in the field on location it is pivotal to have multiple filter options with you for your filter holder in order to be able to adapt to the various lighting changes that may occur. When changing out your filters from one to the next it is usually a process that has to be done very carefully, to ensure you do not accidentally drop or break one of your filters. Additionally, how many times have you tried to apply your ND filters to your filter holder, but had to gingerly touch each one to make sure not to get any unwanted fingerprints on the glass? With the Summit filter holder, the worry of compromising your filters is non-existent due to the aluminum frames that encase each filter. These frames are used not only for protection but also to optimize your run and gun workflow when out in the field, as it allows them to be easily hot-swapped. Additionally, on each filter frame, there is an easily legible filter type indicator that makes finding your intended filter and applying it, a seamless process. Summit’s filters are built to withstand any rugged adventure for a creative, like yourself, who relies on their equipment to succeed in various environments.

Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Where the Summit system differs from other filter holder systems on the market, is that it is custom-engineered to be extremely lightweight and features a 100% aluminum construction. Rather than being made of plastic like most other filter holders, Summit’s lightweight aluminum build offers landscape photographers, reliability and longevity. The Summit filter holder system is optimal for harsh conditions and situations where you are challenging the elements, as its durability goes completely unrivaled to other landscape filter holders on the market. In addition to the physical construction of Summit’s extremely lightweight body, its filters have been designed to ensure your equipment never slows you down. 

Integrated Circular Polarizer

The Summit filter holder system is built to make your workflow absolutely seamless, by incorporating an integrated circular polarizer, or CP filter, into its body construction. Because of this, the Summit filter holder is a 3-stage system that offers multiple optimized configurations. For example, when stacking your filters you can do an ND filter, soft gradient, and then the CP filter, or two ND filters with the CP filter. As a result, the low profile, integrated CP filter installs and removes quickly in a fully light-sealed system, making it easy for you to adjust on the fly.

Optimized for the Creator in You

Summit is a high-quality filter holder system that is made for professional landscape photographers, like yourself, who strive for precision light control. It is also a tool-less construction, which is ideal for when you are on the go, chasing your next shot. Since there are no extra tools required with the Summit filter holder system to assemble or remove it from your camera, this makes it an ideal addition to your camera bag for any outdoor adventure. 

Putting it to the Test

The Summit filter holder system was put to the test by various creatives in the industry, to see if it really lived up to its claim, as the industry’s most refined filter holder system. From capturing long exposures to in-studio comparisons, creators put Summit through its paces to determine if it was a piece of gear that felt personalized enough to fit into their workflow.

Lucy Martin: “This system is so user-friendly. The whole design and interface has really, really been thought out by PolarPro. Everything works so seamlessly together."

First Man Photography: “These are the best filters I have ever used or seen.”

Gerald Undone: “This system is intuitive and easy to use. I think the design is great, and the build quality is stellar.” 

Carly San Filippo
Copywriter at PolarPro

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