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iPhone® 13 Pro/Pro Max

LiteChaser Pro

The iPhone® 13 Pro/Pro Max has yet again revolutionized the mobile content-creating space. Maximize your creative experience and push the boundaries of what a mobile phone can accomplish with our expansive line of filters, lenses and accessories.

The Newly-Designed LiteChaser Pro For iPhone® 13

New Filters

Our new lineup of filters features VNDs, Mist Diffusion, VND Mist combos, and creative morphic streak options.

Future-Proof Design

LCP13 filters and lenses will be fully-compatible with future LiteChaser Pro models.

New Lenses

Offering an 18mm Wide, Anamorphic Blue, and Anamorphic Gold; with the ability to mount filters directly to each lens.

New Grip Features

The LCP13 Grip now features both a 1/4''-20 thread and top cold shoe mount, perfect for mounting external accessories such as lights and mics.

New FX Filter Offerings

Mist [1/4]

1/4 stregth diffusion.


Anamorphic-style blue streak effects.


Anamorphic-style gold streak effects.

Expanded VND Range

Available in 3-5 and 6-7 stop variations, with 1/4 strength diffusion options. No filter-stacking needed.

Compatibility & Usage