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Limited Boreal 50L Backpacks Are in-Stock. Get Yours now!

Traverse | Strap Mount

Traverse | Strap Mount


A QuickDraw camera mount crafted for swift, single-handed operation so you can move from securely stored to shooting in one quick rotational release. Comfortably carry your camera on your backpack, belt, or any preferred strap with the meticulously designed Traverse Strap Mount. A secondary locking mechanism ensures your gear is completely fastened throughout your adventure. This system confidently supports up to 100lbs. (46.36kg), ensuring it can handle the heaviest professional camera and lens combinations.



  • QuickDraw mechanism enables you to quickly disconnect the camera by rotating counter-clockwise and re-install by snapping it back in.
  • Supports strap widths up to 65mm.
  • A secondary lock ensures your camera is 100% securely fastened to the mount.
  • Adjustable thumb screws can adapt to a strap thickness from 1-15mm.
  • Safely supports the heaviest of professional camera/lens combinations.
  • *For help using your Traverse, please see the digital user guide here.
  • Adventure Assurance™ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.



QuickDraw Mechanism
Fits 1mm-15mm Straps
Safely Supports Pro Setups