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A Matte Box Designed For DSLRs

Finding the best matte box for your Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera may just be easier than you think. Keep in mind, DSLRs are already pretty compact compared to other digital cameras used for cinematography, so the perfect matte box designed for DSLRs will not only need to have a checklist of enhanced features but should also complement the camera’s aesthetics.

What is a Matte Box?

First, let’s wrap our heads around what a matte box really is. Simply put, it is a camera accessory used in cinematography and videography to block unsightly glare and lens-flare caused by the sun or other light sources. Mounted to the end of your camera lens or in some cases, by two rods that run the length of the camera, it helps to improve the lens’s ability to handle contrast during movement in an attempt to keep your subject properly framed.

The matte box also makes it possible to use filters in front of the lens, so you can conveniently improve color saturation and even eliminate cross-polarization and vignettes while shooting, but this is not the case with all units.

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Medium Sized Single Centered Image

The PolarPro Matte Box

The PolarPro BaseCamp matte box is in a class of its own and arguably the most suited design for DSLR cameras. The most obvious reason is that it does what it is supposed to do, and does it really well. It protects the lens from unwanted flare from light, as well as support a variety of filters. However, the great thing about the BaseCamp unit is that it has one of the sleekest configurations you will ever find on the market today. It doesn’t have the added bulk most other matte boxes have and subsequently offers a seamless user-experience like no other.

Highly Compatible Matte Box For DSLR

The BaseCamp is essentially more compatible with DSLR cameras than any of the competition, simply due to some of its exclusive features. Prided as the industry’s lightest matte box system, weighing only 298 grams, it gives DSLR cinematographers and filmmakers better handling and control during a shoot or when taking freehand shots.

The matte box also has a streamlined design that offers a rapid tool-free operation, which makes installation on a DSLR a breeze. From easily snapping-on the hood to removing the rail mount, you don’t have to worry about any extra tools to assemble or detach it from your camera. It’s the perfect solution for the filmmaker on the go.

The BaseCamp design also adapts to a wide range of lens sizes. An innovation made possible by two systems, the clamp rings or thread plates, which makes it ideal for just about any type or brand of DSLR camera. The matte box can fit lenses measuring 114mm in outer diameter. It can also tailor-fit a series of lenses measuring much smaller, down to 67mm in outer diameter, thanks to its highly flexible elastomer-made Light Fly adapter, which has to be used in conjunction with the BaseCamp rail mounts. This not only offers pretty good support of the lens, but the busy filmmaker will be happy to know that switching the lens takes virtually no time or effort.

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Omg side by side but like portrait?!

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Yes this is real life.

A Matte Box With Smart Adaptable Features

Due to the BaseCamp’s adaptable clip-on system design, the matte box can easily snap onto a range of DSLR cameras, including stills lenses that extend when the focal length is changed – a big inconsistency with traditional rails mounted systems. The multi-slot filter configuration also makes the BaseCamp matte box incredibly versatile and quicker to work with than the regular screw-on types.

Adaptable Matte Box Filters

Another great feature to note is it’s very impressive Variable Neutral Density (VND) configuration. It has a 2-stage system with 4 configurations comprising of both rectangular and circular matte box filters. It also has 2-5 and 6-9 stop polarized filter options, allowing for smooth and convenient lighting adaptability while providing full light control without ever having to switch out filters. DSLR cinematographers will have one less thing to worry about when challenged with location and time changes, which ultimately affect lighting during filming.

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Full width image screen-to-screen baby.

High Durability Score

Now don’t let BaseCamp’s chic, lightweight design fool you; these matte boxes are some of the sturdiest units you will find. Each filter has built-in aluminum frames offering outstanding endurance during extreme conditions. A great perk is that it also protects against fingerprint smudges and scuffs when handling. All you have to do is angle your grip onto the aluminum encasing without ever having to touch the glass.

The overall make-up of the matte box, though minimalistic, is high quality, smartly designed, and exceptionally well machined - a fantastic unit for adventurous runand- gun filmmakers.

Great Value For Your Money

The BaseCamp matte box is fully customizable and includes built-in filters, which you would have to buy separately with other matte boxes, plus it offers a wealth of great features and benefits. It’s safe to say BaseCamp represents incredible value for your money, especially if you want to create a personalized system with the custom matte box kit, just head on over to to build your very own matte box.

BaseCamp: The Best Matte Box For DSLR Cameras

The BaseCamp kit has demonstrated to be one of the most adaptable and smart matte box solutions out there, and particularly so for DSLR cameras. The slim, compact design is the perfect fit for DSLRs, even at a glance appearing as if deliberately made to snap onto the lens. Plus, let’s be honest, cinematographers would love the opportunity to transform their DSLR camera into a ‘camera system’ when taking on projects of a certain scale. It looks professional and will surely impress clients.

The unibody ultralight assembly is by far a filmmaker’s dream come true and will prove to be remarkably practical and resilient during on-the-go gigs. Also, the VND configuration is a one-of-kind system and something you won’t find with other matte boxes, and remember just how easy it is to switch out the filters.

It is a great looking unit with a host of professional features that optimize the user experience on so many tangents. In all, if you’re looking for the best matte box kit for your DSLR, then BaseCamp is the way to go.

Get up and personal with the BaseCamp matte box kit to see just how remarkable the unit really is on - Introducing BaseCamp