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Shot With PolarPro.

Captured and produced with the precision and clarity of PolarPro optics.

Season 2 | Ep.07

The Climb

After building a name for himself for his ability to capture extraordinary imagery and stories, Ted Hesser continues to wrestle with the challenge of remaining on top of his creative mindset when in extremely high-risk environments.

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Season 2

A portrait of industry professionals who go above and beyond in their craft examining the lengths creators go to achieve their standards — the obsession, the dedication, and the sacrifice.


Season 1

PolarPro’s original 12-part documentary series follows renowned content creators around the globe as they journey to pursue the perfect image. Told from the eye of the storyteller, follow these extraordinary artists as they travel the world, uniting exploration, photography and nature.



Explore from our curated catalog of videos created from the top visual storytellers of our generation who share their creativity through inspiration, education and empowerment.