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Golden Hour- PolarPro's Photography Podcast

Golden Hour 

In photography, golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset that photographers aim to shoot since the sun’s position produces a soft, warm light with longer shadows. Golden hour is a total “sweet spot” for many photographers as it often creates an inspiring backdrop for landscape photography images. For our photography podcast we create the same inspiration golden hour presents photographers with by interviewing some of the most interesting creatives in the industry. On our Golden Hour podcast, we give you an inside look into ground-breaking content creator’s lives and creative minds in order to learn about the journey they have gone through to get where they are today. From a road less traveled to blazing their own path, these creatives tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of how they gained success within the industry. Our Golden Hour photography podcast, is a venue for filmmakers, photographers, and content creators to better understand each other’s creative process and learn about what it takes to turn an art form into a business.

Erin Outdoors on Golden Hour

Erin Sullivan lends advice on how to avoid creative burnout, and learning how to say no to some projects in order to maintain a healthy state of mind.

Golden Hour Takeaways

After listening to our photography podcast, Golden Hour, you will have gained insight on the content creation industry, and be able to take away valuable information that you can apply to building your own brand. From finding success through personal sacrifice to learning how to establish a distinct editing or color style, Golden Hour offers answers to the questions aspiring content creators really want to know. By doing this, Dave Maze breaks down the normalcy of an interview to ask questions that our guests may not normally get presented with on an everyday basis. 

Golden Hour Guests

On the Golden Hour podcast, we have been lucky enough to sit down with some of the top industry leaders as well as, the biggest and up and coming names in the industry-- everyone from Chris Burkard to Gab Scanu to even Jeven Dovey. As our host, Dave Maze, sits down with each guest to talk about how they have taken their creative skills to help them build a business.

Ep. 1: Chris Poplawski - businessman turned photographer, who uses his images as a way to tell a story 

Ep. 2: Sidney Diongzon - YouTuber and filmmaker who uses his influence to help people become better storytellers through tutorials, cinematic visuals, camera gear reviews, and behind the scene vlogs

Ep. 3: Chris Burkard - legendary adventure photographer, who got his start in the surfing photo industry, and now has a social media base of over 3.5 million 

Ep. 4: Ian Harper & Nathan Henry - founders of Canon_Photos-- a 3 million member community of photography enthusiasts

Ep. 5: Sorelle Amore - Known as the “Advanced Selfie Queen”, Sorelle shares about her photography experience and outlook on life

Ep. 6: Lizzie Pierce & Chris Hau - individually amazing content creators, who also own a production company, Know Hau Media, together 

Ep. 7: Sam Ciurdar - filmmaker and photographer who talks about his journey from sneaking into college classes to finding success of building his own brand

Ep. 8: Pierre T. Lambert - travel and adventure YouTuber, who left the engineering world to pursue his passion of photography

Ep. 9: Meagan Bourne - adventurous landscape photographer, who has founded a unique, niche style of wedding and elopement photography

Ep. 10: ItsJustL - L Tanjuquio is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer who has nearly two decades of experience working with high profile clients

Ep.11: Erin Outdoors - Erin Sullivan is an outdoor expert, who works as a travel/ wildlife photographer, writer, travel guide, and host

photography podcast

Interviewing Jason Vong about his love for the Sony brand

photography podcast

Erin Sullivan telling about her latest outdoor adventures

Ep. 12: Matthew Underwood - director and filmmaker who has collaborated with some of the biggest brands known today, such as At&T and Kellogg’s

Ep. 13: Ken Bolido - production lead for Austin Evans YouTube channel, which has well over 3 million subscribers

Ep. 14: Gab Scanu - Australian content creator, who shares with us how to develop an aesthetic that is recognizable on a global level

Ep. 15: Ben Horne - as a long format photographer, Ben discusses how he sparks creativity through his landscape photography by breaking out of the norm

Ep. 16: Jason Vong - passionate about videography, Jason Vong tells about his allegiance to the Sony brand while working as a filmmaker, wedding content creator, and YouTuber

Ep. 17: Jeven Dovey - filmmaker and adventurer, who makes YouTube tutorials and reviews about filmmaking, camera gear, lighting, and more

Ep. 18: Zeke Silva - drone and night photographer who has managed to take epic photography while also dealing with the struggles of degenerative eye disease

Ep. 19: Kitty Peters - founder of the company Atola Visuals and the ultimate “Gimbal Queen” Kitty tells about getting her start in the YouTube space

Ep. 20: Garrett King - known for his distinct editing style, Garrett gives us an inside look on how to create your own distinct branded style

Ep. 21: Matt Komo - from getting his start as the Head Content Creator at GoPro, to then venturing off to build his own brand-- Komo is an up and coming director, producer, and editor whose distinct editing style has caused him to make a name for himself

Ep. 22: Jason Anthony - he is a self-made freelance photographer and filmmaker, who got his start by making YouTube review videos, but now works with some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the industry 

photography podcast

Dave Maze with Garret King

photography podcast

Ben Horne and Dave Maze

photography podcast

Dave Maze with Matt Komo

What Sets Golden Hour Apart

With so many podcasts out there these days, it is hard to narrow down which ones would suit your interests best. If you are a creative that aspires to take their craft to the next level or wants to transform their hobby into a career, then Golden Hour is your ideal photography podcast. Golden Hour offers inspiring advice right from the source of your favorite creators, as well as offers different insight about these creatives that are not offered anywhere else. Where else are you going to learn what Matt Komo ate for breakfast growing up or how Chris Hau and Lizzie Pierce got engaged? Most photography podcasts, give you tips and tricks on how to take photos themselves but where Golden Hour differs, is by giving you these tips and tricks on the industry from your favorite creatives. In addition, Golden Hour will introduce you to new creatives you may not have known about, that you can pull inspiration from as well.

Sorelle Amore on Golden Hour

Sorelle is known as the "Advanced Selfie Queen" -- in her interview she discusses the need people feel for authenticity and how she defines it within her work.

How to Listen

The Golden Hour photography podcast airs every Tuesday, and can be found on your favorite streaming platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Play. Please subscribe, rate it, and leave a review for our photography podcast after listening. We hope that after tuning into Golden Hour, you become inspired to create your own version of capturing perfection. 

Carly San Filippo

Copywriter at PolarPro

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