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PolarPro x Hero 8 Filters: Shutter Collection & DiveMaster Filters

PolarPro x Hero 8

After purchasing your new GoPro Hero 8 camera, it is without question that you will want to make sure you utilize your new action camera to the best of its ability. With this being said, it is pivotal that in order to create high-quality, cinematic footage a ND filter is your answer. It should come as no surprise that with the release of GoPro Hero 8, we have created a brand new line of filters to enhance your workflow needs. 

The Shutter Collection

A ND filter is a pivotal part of any creator’s camera bag, especially for those who often find themselves in bright midday conditions. A ND filter is used to reduce the amount of light that is able to reach your camera’s sensor, and as a result, it flushes out your image to get the proper exposure. Furthermore, a ND filter can help bring your footage to the next level by making it look more professional and cinematic. For the GoPro Hero 8 we have engineered a set of ND filters to assist you on your next rugged adventure. 

Our Shutter Collection filters have been redesigned in order to suit the updated, sleek features of the GoPro Hero 8. For instance, since the Hero 8 features a smaller lens grip around the camera, our filter collection comes with an Elastomer plastic base, which is dual molded with a rubberized surface to protect the camera. This base perfectly contours the camera for a snug and secure fit, so you never have to worry about it falling off. Also, it does not produce any sound from the camera shake so you will never get any noisy audio interfering with your footage. In order for the filters to stay attached to the plastic base, strong magnets click the filters into place to enable you to quickly hot-swap your filters in and out between the varying densities. The multi-coated cinema grade glass that these Cinema Series filters are made of, offer no color grade and an anti-reflection surface, which prevents sun flares from compromising your content. 

Key Features

-  Includes ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters

-  Soft, foam case for added protection

-  Lifetime Warranty 


DiveMaster Filters

GoPro is considered one of the leading action cameras in the industry, and while it does an excellent job capturing content on land, it tends to have some drawbacks when it comes to underwater photography. In order to remedy this issue, we have hand-crafted our DiveMaster filters for the GoPro Hero 8 to make sure you can capture epic content in or out of the water. The DiveMaster filter set helps filter out blue or green light by allowing more red light to reach the camera’s sensor, which in turn, brings the natural colors of the scene back into your footage. Why is a filter needed underwater though? As you descend underwater, light starts to fade away, however it is not lost equally across the spectrum. For instance, normal light contains all the primary colors which tend to fade as we get deeper-- with the first color to go being red, and the last being blue. As a result, underwater footage often seems to have a blue hint to it, which increases in effect, the deeper you go. In order to remedy this, a red filter is used to bring the proper colors back into your underwater photos and videos. 

DiveMaster Features

The DiveMaster set for Hero 8 comes with three different filters, to assist you in any underwater environment. 

Red Filter - This filter is best used in blue waters, such as open oceans, and can operate at a depth between 15 and 75 ft. 

Magenta Filter - This filter is suited for green waters, such as coastal waters, ports, and harbors, and operates at a depth between 15 and 75 ft.

Snorkel Filter - This light red filter is best suited for use in shallow waters, around 2-20 ft. of depth. 

-  Lock down screw to ensure a rock solid connection to the camera

- Custom EVA soft case is included to protect your filters

-  Tethers and Microfiber cloth included to keep your filters pristine

-  Lifetime warranty


Switchblade for Hero 8

The Switchblade takes underwater shooting to the next level, with a redesigned, versatile 3-in-1 system for any diving condition. You can use both the filter and macro lens, just the filter, or just the macro lens-- which creates a 5x magnification for razor sharp close-ups of coral or fish. The red and magenta filters are identical to the DiveMaster’s. They hinge from the top rather than the side, and securely snap on and off rather than threading on with a thumbscrew.  Each element is secured by magnets and can swing out of the way and lock in place for a secure, tight fit. When you want to unlock the filter or lens, pull up rather than forward to prevent strain on the Switchblade frame. This filter system screws onto the Hero 8 SuperSuit ensuring it won’t come off, and provides an extra mounting option for whatever your underwater photography or videography needs.

Key Features

- Engineered specifically for the Hero 8 Black Protective Housing

- 3-in-1 system allows both filter + macro, filter only, and macro only shooting variations

- New glass macro features 5x the power for razor sharp close ups (from 3 to 5 inches away)

- New metal construction provides the most durability and strongest connection to date 

- Includes: Red Filter, Magenta Filter, Macro Lens, and Storage Case

Our Collaboration x Hero 8

GoPro is known for being one of the leading adventure action cameras on the market, making it a trusty sidekick for any adventure on land or sea.  After purchasing your new GoPro Hero 8, be sure to check out our full filter lineup at

Written by Carly San Filippo
Copywriter at PolarPro

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