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  • Abstract Aerial Art
Accomplished Photographer & Filmmaker, Peter McKinnon has amassed a large following on several platforms including over 2.7 million on his self titled YouTube Channel. His Video center around strong storytelling, industry tutorials and his love for coffee. The Toronto resident takes his viewers along on his globetrotting travels, creating amazing videos and photographs as he goes. Sprinkled into his video catalog you will find short film projects that are nothing short of amazing. 'The Bowl’, 'The Owl', & 'For her.’ are just a few examples worth pausing what you are dooing to give them a watch. Seriously, go give them a watch..... we will wait.

While McKinnon's film work is impressive enough, he also creates some of the most unique and well composed photos in the industry. @petermckinnon boasts over 1.3 million followers who turn to him for Inspiration. Numbers aside, it's easy to tell what separates McKinnon from the rest of the pack.

He is constantly staying ahead of the project at hand and publishing videos at a strong pace.


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