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Helix | MagLock™ - Burkard Series

Helix | MagLock™ - Burkard Series


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  • A fully seamless filter experience - never thread on a filter again.

  • New MagLock™ system features magnets that bind the filter and thread base together while a quarter turn locks the system in place.

  • No vignetting down to 17mm with 1 filter (16mm on Canon/Nikon) and 19mm with 2 filters stacked.

  • Rubber frame insert provides more grip compared to aluminum filter frames.

  • Brass filter frames and thread bases.

  • Front and back Defender caps provide unrivaled protection during transport and storage.

  • Available 67, 72, 77, and 82mm base plates for your entire lens quiver.

The Helix MagLock™ Filter System was developed both to eliminate the hassle of threading filters on and off, while also providing a filter that's safely locked in place once installed. Unlike other magnetic filter systems on the market; Helix provides a completely secure connection using our magnetic + quarter-turn locking mechanism, making it lightning-fast to install/remove filters while also ensuring they stay locked in position during the most demanding shooting situations. Seriously, these filters won't go anywhere until you're ready to remove them from your lens! With available 67, 72, 77, and 82mm brass thread bases, Helix will easily cover your entire lens arsenal.