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QuartzLine | Camera Filters

QuartzLine | Camera Filters

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QuartzLine filters are constructed of Cinema SeriesGlass (Made in Germany) for unrivaled durability and optical clarity. These single-lens element filters produce a very low refractive index of just 1.46 and offer outstanding temperature stability. Combined with an over-engineered aluminium frame, QuartzLine filters thread on smoothly and are built to withstand your most rugged adventures.

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  • Control your exposure in most lighting conditions
  • Powerful light control with perfect color neutrality


  • Working in environments with glare/reflections/haze
  • Reduce shutter speed and improve color contrast + saturation

These Filters Changed Everything For Me

"I can't recommend them enough. The colors I get out of the filters are also a nice, deep, rich color tone which plays a big part of my process. I really appreciate that."

- Garrett King

Fused Quartz Glass

Perfect Color Neutrality

In The Field

Tech Specs

Available Thread Frame Material Glass Material Diameter ND & UV Diameter ND / PL Depth ND & UV Depth ND / PL Weight ND & UV Weight PL & ND
67mm Brass Fused Quartz 70mm 70.5mm 6.5mm 7.5mm 29g 32.9g
77mm Brass Fused Quartz 80mm 80.5mm 6.5mm 7.5mm 37g 38.8g
82mm Brass Fused Quartz 85mm 85.5mm 6.5mm 7.5mm 37.5g 43.5g

Filter Type Stop Reduction Optical Density Transmission %
UV 0 0.0 99.9%
CP 1.6 0.4 33%
ND8 3 0.9 12.5%
ND8/PL 3 0.9 12.5%
ND16 4 1.2 6.25%
ND16/PL 4 1.2 6.25%
ND64 6 1.8 1.5%
ND64/PL 6 1.8 1.5%
ND1000 10 3.0 0.1%
ND1000/PL 10 3.0 0.1%
ND100K 15 4.5 0.002%