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Best Mavic 2 Filters

PolarPro has reimagined their flagship filters for Mavic Pro and is proud to introduce their Mavic 2 filter collections - the best camera filters, reimagined to be even better.

For Consumers - PolarPro Standard Series
For Mavic 2 Pro only. PolarPro Standard Series filters offer HD optical clarity in a nylon filter frame designed to work seamlessly with the Mavic 2 Pro gimbal system. Standard Series filters are available in a 3 pack that includes ND8, ND16 and ND32 neutral density filters and a 6 pack that features ND8, ND16, ND32 neutral density filters and ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL neutral density + polarizing filters. ND/PL filters are perfect for enhancing color saturation in washed out, reflective conditions, and allow your colors to pop.

For Prosumers and Professionals - PolarPro Cinema Series
Get the most dynamic detail from the Mavic 2 Pro’s Hasselblad camera and give your Mavic 2 content that professionally defined cinematic look. Cinema Series Filters are available for both Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom models and feature optical HD coatings that provide perfect target transmission and a hyper-neutral color profile. In addition to the optical coatings, Cinema Series filters feature scratch resistant coatings that increase surface hardness for an extremely durable exterior that holds up over long-term use, and a hydrophobic coating that helps to repel water, oils and general moisture for crystal clear optics and easy cleaning of the inside and outside of the filters.

PolarPro’s top of the line ND filters will help reduce jello effect when filming in bright conditions with the Mavic 2 Pro’s adjustable aperture, especially when shooting at a wide 2.8 aperture in bright daylight. This allows for more creative shots with a cinematic shallow depth of field, bringing into focus what’s important in your scene and blurring out the background.

New Features
-New to the ND/PL filters are polarization markers etched into the frames, making polarization adjustment quick, easy and consistent.

-AirFrame gimbal safe filter frame construction ensures that Cinema Series and Standard Series Filters are built to operate safely on the Mavic 2 gimbal.

-Aircraft Warranty: PolarPro guarantees that its Mavic 2 filters are fully compatible with Mavic 2 series drones (Mavic 2 Pro + Zoom). If damage to your drone is determined to be caused by a PolarPro filter, PolarPro is happy to replace the drone.

-PolarPro filter sets now include a premium magnetic filter case for safe storage and quick and visible access to your filters.

-Included with each Mavic 2 filter is a PolarPro filter tool to help remove the stock DJI UV filter for the first installation.

Mavic 2 Pro
-Cinema Series Cinematographer’s Collection
-Cinema Series 6-Pack
-Cinema Series Vivid Collection
-Cinema Series Shutter Collection
-Cinema Series Gradient Collection
-Cinema Series Limited Collection
-Cinema Series Exposure Collection

Mavic 2 Zoom
-Standard Series 3-Pack
-Standard Series 6-Pack

Custom Shop
The PolarPro Custom Filter Shop lets you build your own custom Cinema Series filter 3-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack or choose a single filter. The option to build your own filter kit ensures you have the filters you need for your next creative project.

Why PolarPro filters?
Backed in full confidence by PolarPro’s Aircraft Warranty to work flawlessly with your Mavic 2, PolarPro filters are a worthwhile investment. PolarPro believes firmly in their filter designs for Mavic 2 series drones and operates under an ethos of making only the best camera filters and products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime of repeated outdoor use in the most extreme environmental conditions.

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