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PolarPro QuartzLine ND Filters: Behind The Build

Neutral Density (ND) filters have become an invaluable tool in any photography or videographers gear bag. PolarPro has a variety of filters for different uses, such as general photography, videography & cinematography, and long exposure. The QuartzLine collection ensures that there is a filter for any moment to help capture a perfect shot.

QuartzLine filters are made of 99.9% pure fused-quartz glass for unrivaled durability and optical clarity. These single lens element filters produce a very low refractive index of just 1.46 and offer outstanding temperature stability. Combined with an over-engineered brass frame, QuartzLine filters thread on smoothly and are built to withstand your most rugged adventures.

Now let's jump into our PolarPro QuartzLine filters.

Step-Up Rings

Step-up ring for the PolarPro QuartzLine Neutral Density Filters

PolarPro offers filters in three sizes: 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm. Should you have a lens smaller than the three sizes we produce, say a 62mm, you will need to also use a step-up ring which in this case would be 62mm-67mm. The step up ring will easily thread onto your lens mount with threading on the opposite side to mount the ND filter of choice.

Another reason step-up rings are handy is in the event that you have multiple size lenses in your kit. Say you have lenses in a 62mm, 67mm, and 77mm size. Instead of purchasing a filter for each lens, you could purchase the 77mm QuartzLine filters you would use along with the 62mm-77mm and 67mm-77mm step up rings. This would allow you to carry less gear and use the same filters across your lenses so that you are ready to shoot with the best lens for the situation.

General Photography

Under this category PolarPro offers Circular Polarizer (CP) and UV filters.

The CP filter is used to reduce glare. The reduction of glare will increase color saturation and contrast to make all of your images really "pop". Though you can not completely "turn off" the polarizer, each CP or polarizer has a rotating ring to increase and decrease the amount of polarization.

The UV filter is great for reducing light haze and acting as another layer of protection for your lens. 

PolarPro QuartzLine Neutral Density Filter

General Videography & Cinematography



This category of QuartzLine hosts the ND8, ND16, and ND64 filters. The main purpose of these filters are to reduce your shutter speeds to double your frame rate, also known as the 180 degree rule of shutter, so that the captured motions are perceived as more natural.

ND8 will reduce light by 3-stops, ND16 by 4-stops, and the ND64 by 6-stops respectively. 

As noted above, all three options are available as an ND or ND/PL. With the straight ND filter, you will always receive the reduction of light entering your lens. While the ND/PL filters will receive the same reduction of light while adding the polarization effect to reduce glare and increase color saturation and contrast. Having both in one glass element produces really clean images.

PolarPro QuartzLine Neutral Density Filter

Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography Using an ND1000 Filter

The long exposure category consists of the ND64 (6-stops), ND1000 (10-stops), and ND100K (15-stops), which the ND64 & ND1000 come in ND or ND/PL variations. These filters will allow for longer shutter speeds to produce those buttery long exposure shots you dream of taking. 

With varying strengths from the ND64 for golden hour images to the ND1000 & ND100k for mid-day long exposure shoots to get that creative blurred motion.

One note on the ND1000 filter is that if shooting with a lens lower than a 24mm, it will cross polarize. If this is the case, it is recommend to switch down to the ND64.

That wraps up the PolarPro Quartzline filter lineup. We hope that we provided general knowledge of what these filters do. If you are interested in learning more, however, take a moment to jump over to our YouTube channel to check out our videos in Arches National Park and Zion Nation Park along with many other topics to assist you when out in the field!


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Marketing Associate, PolarPro

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